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Welcome to  St. John’s Lutheran Church

St. John’s Lutheran Church seeks to be a place where lives are transformed by God through the work of God’s people and through regular study of scripture and prayer.  Whether it is a weekday afternoon or a Sunday morning we are a busy community of faith seeking to serve God in many aspects of our lives.  From feeding the hungry to coaching kids on local teams the people of St. John’s seek to serve God by serving others.  We also gather often in small group study and fellowship to support each other and to seek God’s will for our lives.

We’d love for you to join us at worship on Sundays year round, or on Wednesdays except for June/July/August, or just to stop by.

St. John’s is the red brick building with a bell tower, located on the east side of the street at 129 N. Watertown Street in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin.  There is a clickable map at the bottom of the page to help you find us.  If your wondering about faith, if your questioning what God may have in store for you, St. John’s is a great place to start. Continue reading…

St. John’s Lutheran Church News

  • Goodbye Letter from Pastor Matthew

    Dear People of God joined together at St. John’s: As many of you are aware, my time with you is coming to an end on June 15th.   As I reflect upon the last almost 6 years, I am amazed at all the ways in which God has brought us together to share in many of life’s events.  With some of you I have shared great joys and celebrations like weddings, first communions, new jobs, new homes, new babies, recovery to health, Unbinding the Gospel, and confirmation just to name a few .  With some I have shared great times of sorrow and grief like sickness, loss of loved ones, loss of employment and relational difficulties.  It has been an honor and a privilege to share in these events, along with other moments that we have shared in the Gospel.  As the church where I was ordained and took my first call, you all will hold a special and indelible place in my heart. When I had the chance to engage in an exit interview with our personnel committee last week, I was asked to reflect on my time at St. John’s and to consider some positive aspects of our faith community.  The list is long, so long in fact, that it will not fit on one page.  But I want to highlight a few things that make this congregation exceptional.  One is the fact that you will try new things.  So many of my colleagues are jealous of the fact that you are willing to leave the confines of our sanctuary for worship and be outside.  We were one of the first churches in our synod to engage in the long and rewarding process of Unbinding the Gospel.  By being first, we were able to teach other churches.  When there is a ...

  • Join us for VBS August 14-18th 5-7:45 PM

    Please join us for dinner then great Bible stories and fun stations like science, art, games, and videos not to mention music and drama. Sign up on our web form at: St. John’s VBS 2016