February 1885 – Founding of Congregation – 125 years
Celebrated on February 7, 2010 – See gallery for celebration pics.

October 4, 1885 – Dedication of 1st Church – 125 years
Celebrated on October 3, 2010

November 20, 1910 – Dedication of new bell – 100 years
Celebrated on November 21, 2010

January 1910 – Dedication of New Church – 100 years
January 30, 2011

The First 100 Years – 1885 to 1985

The beginning history of St. John’s Lutheran Church through 1900 was translated by an old German friend, Dieter Hagen…

The Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Johnson Creek, WI was founded in February of 1885, by several former members of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Farmington and some other Lutherans living in the Johnson Creek area, but without a church affiliation. Pastor Johan Denninger of Farmington wrote a constitution. Messrs. Louis Siegmann, Deitrich Manz and Carl Harnack were elected as elders. The minutes of the first congregational meeting were recorded by Mr. Heinrick Christians. The people, thus united, purchased an old, unused Baptist Church and the lot, on which the present church and parsonage stand, for $700.00. On the lot at the time of purchase were a blacksmith shop and a house. These were torn down and the Baptist Church moved into the foundation of the old shop. The church was lengthened by 18 feet and the inside and outside refurbished. Read more…

The Next 25 Years – 1985 to 2010

In February of 1985, in anticipation of the church’s Centennial celebration, St. John’s Lutheran Church hired its first part-time secretary, Lynn Mehringer. Prior to that time, secretarial duties were performed on a volunteer basis. In May, Fellowship Hall ceiling and lights were replaced and bell tower repaired. June saw the satisfaction of the mortgage on the educational unit. September was a busy time as St. John’s Lutheran Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary with many special events and services. We are part of the American Lutheran Church (ALC). Read more…